Dry Body Brush Massage

Did you know?

  • That approximately 1/3 of all toxins & impurities in the body, are excreted by the skin?
  • That around 4kg of waste product is excreted through the skin daily
  • That the skin is our largest elimination organ?
  • That our skin weighs approximately 4kg and surface area is around 1.5 - 2m2?
  • That the skin is often referred to as our third kidney?

These are really good reasons why our day spa detox centre began thinking about how we may better utilize and maximise, holistic detox through the skin.

Dry Body Brushing, as well as being an impressive and effective way of maximising the natural detox process, totally relaxes the body.

Benefits of Dry Brush Massage

  • Improves skin tone and promotes healthier muscle tone
  • Gives our complexion a healthy glow
  • Promotes better circulation
  • Slows down premature aging - a holistic antiaging therapy
  • Stimulates the nerve endings in the skin – promoting better nervous system health
  • Helps excrete toxins & debris out of the system
  • Removes dead layers of skin
  • The body breathes through the skin so it is imperative that the skin pores are not clogged – dry brushing unclogs
  • Waste products accumulate in the tissues and slow down regeneration of the cells. This debris interferes with the process of oxygenating and feeding the cells. Dry brushing in conjunction with manual lymphatic Drainage, assists in removing the accumulation and regenerating the tissue

Analysis of perspiration demonstrates it to be close to the chemical composition of urine – another waste product

Dry body brushing has historically played an important part in cross-cultural healing and rejuvenating treatment for the body. The Day Stay Natural Detox Centre blends the Ayurvedic and European culture dry brushing techniques, with the Reflexology and Acu-pressure modalities.

Detox fasting combines well with body brush massage. Consider staying at the Beach Retreat (see tab on our website www.daystaydetox.co.nz and fasting.