Debs Pilates Club is located downstairs & contains:
Professional Reformer Machines x 2
TV screen for viewing programs
Padded Reformer Boxes
Reformer Jump Boards
Stretch Bands - long & short
Grip Mats,
1kg Hand Weights 
Pilate Rolls & Wedges
Zen Chi Equipment 
Osteo Motion Device for Joint Mobility support
Deep Massage Device - Feet
OSIM UPamper Deep Massage - Hand held
Balance Boards
48 Spring Lymphaciser
Acupressure board for feet
Comfortable lounge room 
Sanitizing spray/paper towels
Upstairs we have the following stand alone therapies available:

Naturopathic Consultations
Lymphoedema, Lipodema + Services & Therapy
Bowen Therapy in combination with Lymph Drainage
Reflexology/Foot Joint Mobilization
Hair Follicle Testing
 Photos on this website are not from our clinic but used to demonstrate pilates reformer exercises.