Detox Mineral Soak

Detox Mineral Soak – Kneipp Baths, Sitz Bath & Herb & Mineral Hot Baths

The DayStay Natural Detox Centre recognises the remedial properties ofimmersion in water, the usefulness of alternating hot and coldtemperatures and the known curative properties of herbs, minerals andsalts.  We have combined these three important elements to produce theholistic Detox herbs and Mineral Bath Therapy shown below:

Kneipp Foot Bathing 

KneippFoot baths have traditionally been used as a tool to improvecirculation, to ease congestion in the abdomen & pelvic area and asa treatment for colds and congestion.   Blocked sinus passage ways maybe cleared, headaches relieved and the nervous system revitalised.  TheDay Stay Natural Detox Centre uses the Kneipp cold- foot bath, afterspending time in the Infrared Sauna and before the Sitz Bath.

Sitz Bath
Warmwater is combined with Minerals, Trace Minerals, Salts and Herbs andused in a traditional ‘hip-bath’.  Using the Sitz bathing principles(covering just the lower portion of the torso), this therapeuticbathing invigorates and stimulates the organs which are covered byhighly mineralised water.  Blood circulation is increased to vitalorgans and to the lower spine, buttocks and thighs. 

The highlymineralised and herbal rich water provides an excellent source ofessential minerals and trace elements, including valuable iodine andselenium. 

Low mineral levels reduce our protection fromharmful toxins and chemicals in our environment.  Good mineral levelsencourage effective detoxification and assist in the balancing andmaintaining of body acid/alkaline levels. Our body needs balanced bodychemistry in order to heal and to maintain good health.  Unbalancedacid/alkaline levels commonly occur when acid levels get too high andthis is a causative factor in many diseases – particularly all forms ofarthritis.

Alternating heat and cold significantly benefits allbody functions and stimulates and revitalises the skin.  Thisreactivates the functions of the endocrine glands including theadrenals.

Minerals & Herbs

The DayStay Natural Detox Centre combines an array of mineral salts valued fortheir high and diverse content of naturally derived macro and microminerals.  These mixed minerals are combined with herbals also high inminerals, trace minerals and vitamins.