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Natural Pet Products

NATURAL PET REMEDIES STORE Digestive aid herbal was formulated especially for Cats, Dogs & Horses and was part of the happy Horse Herbal range of remedies. 

Natural Pet Remedies Store, is based in our premises in Te Puke and our support herbal remedies are also available online where reward points are given with each purchase.  The Natural Pet Remedies Store provides a specific range of products  

NATURAL FLEA REPELLING SUPPORT KIT(small) for cats and small dogs
NATURAL FLEA REPELLING SUPPORT KIT (large) for medium/large dogs & multiple pets in a household

PET SOOTHER drops  (cats, dogs & horses)

SKIN SOOTHER SPRAY - recommended for itchy, irritated skin support (cats, dogs, horses & humans too)

'OUCH' Moment drops - for those minor ouch moments (cats, dogs, goats, humans too)

SUPPORTING HERBALS FOR FLEA & WORM drops - intestinal worm support & forms part of the natural flea kit (above)

DIGESTIVE AID drops - Skin, fur, digestion  (cats, dogs & horses)

EVERYDAY WELLNESS drops - when pets need a pick-me-up tonic (cats, dogs & horses)

Products are available from our premises at 28 Jellicoe Street te Puke 3119 (opposite the BP Service Station) or through the online store where reward points are given for each purchase.

https://naturalpetremediesstore.com/  Phone  07 5735487